Best work environment is where work and party comes together! Valentine’s Day at Logica was the perfect occasion for everyone to gather and celebrate the day of love, complete with heart shaped balloon decorations, fun games and attractive prizes!
On the eve of Valentine’s Day, SuperSeva organized Valentine’s Day bash for Logica employees to appreciate the love around them. The party kicked off with fun MC games, where they were made to play musical chair, except the chair was replaced by heart shaped cut outs. Segments like song dedications were played to ensure everybody chipped in. Also, there were several tattoo artists at the venue who drew tattoos for everyone. A pretty ‘mushy mermaid’ tattoo was a favorite among girls.
The event turnout was good. It got better as the bash progressed. Speaking about the party, “Employees from HR Team at Logica said “We suppose the event went very well and helped us achieve our purpose which was, to give staff an occasion to interact informally and to enable them to have fun whilst exploring how they could improve fun at workplace”.

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