The “SuperSeva Leadership Program” action-packed program experience has the ability to change individuals/participants for the better; if they keep their mind and heart open, have the conviction and  belief, discover joy and live life to the fullest while keeping close the lessons and leadership qualities learnt  while at the Indus School of Leadership, Yellagiri Hills Tamil Nadu.

SuperSeva Leadership Team” has spent a fantastic three days with inspirational speakers; Tuned into fun and thought-provoking activities; explored opportunities to develop friendly relations with acquaintances that have the potential to take the organization into the future. Leaders shared their FY 14-15 plans with much more clarity and conviction. Further they shared many laughs and stories and gained insight into how to be the best leaders that they can be.

A wide variety of activities was included: ropes sequences, teambuilding initiatives, outdoor command tasks, forum discussions, interactive and multimedia workshops, guest speaker seminars, heart-to-heart small group sharing.

SuperSeva Leadership Program offered:

  • A fun, challenging weekend with leadership development experience for all the participants.
  • Made aware of how to innovate and keep pace with change.
  • Induction for the new leaders to focus on essential aspects to take up bigger roles and enable them into management.
  • A holistic business perspective rather than  execution of  day-to-day business activities.
  • All were busy virtually every moment with a variety of challenging leadership activities. And of course there’s camping, backpacking, and a lot of team-building activities.
  • The most important Outcome of this Experience: Growth in personal and interpersonal leadership skills, knowledge and values.

Participants Speaks About The SuperSeva Leadership Program!!!

  • “Just an excellent workshop!! Facilitators are very accustomed to the different needs of the learners; quick to synthesize. This Program equips future business leaders with skill to take up bigger roles required by the organization while scaling and expansion.”-Kumud Sharma– CEO, SuperSeva
  • “A highly experiential program for experienced, mid to senior managers and defendable  practitioners who want to increase their ability to make positive change in the world around them – Alok Kumar– Country Head-Operations, SuperSeva
  • “The sessions mentored us on how Individuals who would like to implement change must be. It has enhanced my personal leadership style: being able to emphasize a positive leadership approach that is based on Positive Psychology: this approach produces better results, boosts morale, and fosters a more creative atmosphere, equipping us with essential Leadership strategies and techniques.”- Debjani Lalwani– Vice President-Sales, SuperSeva

“ The program was very value adding in terms of helping me improving my leadership skills . I look forward to this kind of programs in the coming years “ – Tania Sikdar– Head Sales and Marketing ,SuperSeva

  • “I will be able to apply what I learned in the camp right away. I am planning to create recruitment tools to quickly screen capable candidates for supporting continuous talent acquisition in my organization. “   –Vishvas Yadav – Asst. HR Manager, SuperSeva
  • “One of a kind experience, which stresses that there are “NO LIMITATIONS” unless you impose them. Focus on the goal that you have and change the way if it’s not helping, instead of changing the goal.”- Divya Thakur, SuperSeva
  • “I learnt that we could still achieve things in a really, really, you know, helpless situation.”- Sheeba Immanuel, SuperSeva
  • “This program was great, especially in terms of confidence building. It’s important for women to see themselves as leaders, and not just in supporting roles.”- Minal Thacker Ramani, SuperSeva

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