The importance of a facility help-desk is not recognized by many organizations. It being the focal point of contact between company and customers, help-desk employee will be the face of organization. If help-desk professional is not knowledgeable and efficient enough, customers may assume that the company is not committed to service.Many organizations do not have the sufficient resources to maintain a high quality facility help-desk. Efficiency equals competitiveness for most of the organizations where help-desk professionals are often pressured to wrap up calls as quickly as possible. Call routing and incident monitoring database technology should be of prime importance for every organization which they find it difficult to invest in. Additional to this, finding the right face for the facility help-desk position is also not an easy task considering it being an entry-level job in most companies without much advancement opportunities for the professionals. Efficiency needs can make the work environment stressful and thus leading to a challenge in employee retention.  Hiring a full help-desk manager, executives and to arrange for their backups to cover the sick leave, vacations and other absences can put tremendous financial strain in your company which can slow down your company’s growth rate. This is the reason why many companies are outsourcing their help-desks which can be a great advantage to them in terms of saving time and money. They can also enjoy the benefits of having trained expert professionals and the provision of cutting edge technologies which companies themselves don’t have the resources to provide in-house.

You can count on SuperSeva to take care of your facility help-desk without you being hassled with every little details related to hiring the employees, training them.  Outsourcing your help-desk operation to us can take the burden of maintaining an effective help-desk off from your shoulders, saving your time and money and providing your customers better services. With SuperSeva you will notice a significant benefit of outsourcing your help-desk in terms of:

  • 100% occupancy: also during illness, leave and in peak periods
  • You know in advance exactly what the costs are
  • No help desk-/ service desk employees on your payroll
  • We arrange everything for you, also the training
  • The quality remains high because of periodic evaluations, guidance and training

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