Finding the right employee is a first difficult task and retaining them is the Mission impossible 5. Employees buoyed by the economic opportunities are highly mobile, and most surprisingly leave for a better caring environment.  Sometimes implementing small changes and strategies like providing employee engagement benefits at your workplace can boost the morale and bonding of employees.

SuperSeva is known for its innovative employee engagement services provided for their clients. All these activities are organized under our HR Support services. We have organized events like “Thank God its Thursday” in the past and our services were acknowledged wholeheartedly by our clients. These events include many fun-filled games and team building activities to boost the employee morale and thus foster a stress free work environment for our clients. We also organize many other events related to employee engagement around the special days like Women’s day, Diwali, Holi and so on. Our employee engagement services programs are offered at a very competitive price in the market.  Below is the list of employee engagement t activities offered by SuperSeva especially customized for your employees.

Health and Wellness for healthier lifestyles

  •     News Letters on Health
  •     Executive Health Check Up
  •     Medical Room Management
  •     Awareness Talk on Health Topics
  •     Vaccination
  •     Theme based activities on Health Days

Sports Activities all indoor and outdoor games management

  •     Cricket Match and other Outdoor Games
  •     Indoor Games Competition

Team Building Activities to create an effective, powerful team

  •     Training on Personality Development
  •     Weekly activities on the floor / cafeteria /at common points.
  •     Fun Day at Work: Ex: Thank God Its Thursday, Fundoo Friday etc

Team Outing apt destinations and customize the outing accordingly

  •     Resorts, Exotic Locations, Lunch / Dinner Party, Event/ Movie Tickets, Travel Bookings, Special Concepts (Moon light cycling, Adventure Trips etc)

Complementary Events (Sponsored Events)

  •     Toy Car Racing by Radio Mirchi
  •     Wheel of Fortune by ICICI Prudential
  •     Body Composition Analysis by Vibes/ VLCC

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