Introduced by the Stamps and Registrations Department, E-Stamping is a web based application which can be used to pay stamp duties.The department has tied up with Stocks Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL), which is the central record keeping agency to sell and monitor e-stamping. The scheme was mooted ever since the Telgi Scam rocked the nation. The idea was to have a tamper proof process of generating secure stamp papers. The following steps are required for the payment:

  1. Drop in to the select counter and fill the prescribed form.
  2. Pay the duty either through Cash/DD/Cheque.
  3. Immediately collect the duty paid certificate.
  4. Register the document at the sub-registrar office.

E-Stamp Paper and Franking Papers are required for HR , Administration , Procurement Department, For New Joinees , Any new agreement , Renewal of old agreement , Legal contracts with Suppliers , Employees going abroad and for many other such instances.

The SuperSeva Advantage

Procuring E-Stamp paper and Franking is a labourious , time consuming , non- value adding job .

For E stamp paper one has to go to Stock holding corporation , fill up a long form , stand in queue for hours. For Franking again one has to go to sub -registers office , take into account his availability and then get the document signed. For all these to be done, MNC’s will require a dedicated resource

SuperSeva provides MNCs with the E-Stamping and Franking services. For E-Stamping papers, the clients email us the details and the e-stamp paper is delivered at their office.For Franking papers, we pick up the papers, get it franked and then deliver at their office.The benefits include Turn around Time (SLA ) which is 24 hours to 72 hours.

Currently we are servicing MNC’s on a PAN India basis.

Let us know how we may help your company alleviate the time burden that personal tasks place on you and help increase organizational productivity.For more details on SuperSeva Services visit our website

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