SuperSeva conducts wellness camps for corporate employees to alleviate the time burden that a personal task such as ‘oral health check up’ places on the company’s resources.

Very few employers are in a position to comfortably meet the varying oral health needs of their employees and families.  Different age groups face different dental health challenges. Especially employees with children have different needs than those without families. Generational attitudes can affect  the types of dental care people are likely to need and expect. Neglected oral health can lead to physical and financial consequences for people at any age, influencing overall health, quality of life and for employees in particular-productivity at work.

SuperSeva Services conducted a Dental Care camp for  Sears and Motorola Bangalore today from 11AM to 3PM and 1PM to 4PM respectively.

Both camps managed by a team of 2 consultants each were attended by hundreds of employees.

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