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Ever wondered! What is the most frustrating and unmanageable task in any organization? An absolutely mundane task which has no correlation with your core business. We are talking about managing the inbound and outbound mails (emails, contracts, invoices, orders, claims, forms, reports, applications etc). These are the few things which are very crucial and important for an organization to operate efficiently and in an organized manner. But is managing them properly and segregate them in an organized way a child’s play? The task can consume your precious time in an insane manner. We understand that you do not want to utilize your time, energy and manpower to build a Lego block of the well managed mailroom. Being one of the best managed services provider in the industry, SuperSeva is serving few of the India’s largest industry tycoons like IBM, Microsoft, Concentrix, Regulas etc as their Managed services provider.
A part of SuperSeva’s Managed Services is Automated Mailroom Management – Trakmail, An optimized solution to meet all postal needs of the corporate.
Mailroom Automation as an Outsourced Competence
1. Enables focus on core business
2. Mitigates vendor service deviations
3. Improves overall organizational productivity
4. Delivers service levels matching global standards
5. Professional support services framework
6. Streamlines optimizes physical information management operations
7. Driven by a reliable partner with extensive mailroom management expertise
8. Reduces productivity loss due to mail room queuing, delayed query resolution
9. Improves operational efficacy

TrakPeople TrakProcess TrakIT
›          Uninterrupted service delivery

›          Systematic & Process driven approach towards manpower management

›          Mapping technology to fulfill client expectations

›          Redesigning the entire process flow

›          Cutting edge technology to maximize automation

›          Highly intuitive

›          Centralized storage and distribution



›          Mailroom expertise at work

›          Allows you to focus on your core business

›          Improved client satisfaction

›          Best and economical services

›          Improve operational effectiveness

›          Develop overall information management

›          Enhance Service quality

›          Shortest turnaround time

›          Cost allocation as per Business Units

›          Robust application

›          MIS reports – User-wise, Department-wise, Business unit-wise, Vendor-wise




Our continuous strive to ensure that we provide our clients with cost-savings and customer satisfaction makes us standout as one of the best managed services provider. According to a General Survey conducted by our Account Management Team, we realized that we had successfully reduced our Clients’ manpower costs by as much as 50%, without compromising on the operational effectiveness and efficiency
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