Employees are considered assets of the organization: their hard work and dedication is appreciated and suitably rewarded.

Read on for excerpts from our conversation with our CRM Head Ms. Rachana Maladahiyar.

How since you have been working with SuperSeva?

I have been working with SuperSeva since 2011. In today’s economy it is very reassuring to work for a company that is growing at fast pace and still putting its employees first and always ready to take inputs and ideas.

So, how is your experience so far?

Great! I am grateful to be a member of the SuperSeva family. SuperSeva has a diversified portfolio of various services, which translates into exciting opportunities for employees to learn and stretch our knowledge and skills.

What’s your present role at SuperSeva?

Being a CRM Head I have a team of 12 members. My role is to manage the clients and reaching their expectations and demands through SuperSeva service excellence. I like to follow up on every issue and ensure complete satisfaction and maximum utilization of the product or services sold to our customers.

Being a CRM Head, what is your ultimate goal?

My primary goal is to know customer’s needs, wishes and dreams. My goal is not just to solve customer’s requests but to proactively offer ideas and insights to improve the customer’s issues and challenges. After all, I can’t afford to lose a singe client and that is the mantra of my success so far.

Tell me something about your CRM team, and how do you motivate your team members?

I consider them as my friends, we work like a small family and I give them full support and freedom to take initiatives and decisions. Though, I am the person who takes a final call still I welcome their inputs and innovative strategies which really help us to grow as a team.

Great to hear that from you! So, what is your personal mantra towards the success that you have achieved?

It is just a start. There are lots many things to achieve and strive forward. For mantra I would say:

  1. Taking initiatives
  2. Not losing client and always upgrade SuperSeva business with Existing clients
  3. Calm and Smiling

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