What is ISO?

ISO is International Standards of Organization. ISO is an non-governmental, independent, International organization. 162 national standard bodies are members of ISO.

Why was ISO formed?

  1. To bring Uniformity and Standardisation
  2. Trust and Quality Assurance

Doing business with ISO certified companies is a well-adopted way of doing business.

What is ISO9001:2015 standard?

ISO 9001 follows Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology and a process-oriented approach to reviewing and documenting the structure, procedures, responsibilities which are needed to achieve efficient quality management.

SuperSeva is an ISO9001:2015 certified company in India and has been offering enterprise support services to its clients PAN India.

Need for recertification to ISO 9001:2015 Standard:

ISO issues certification which is valid for 3 years and the previous standard ISO9001:2008 will no longer be valid after September 2018. Therefore, re-certification to ISO9001:2015 is necessary.

SuperSeva: ISO9001:2015 certified enterprise support service provider

SuperSeva Services Pvt. Ltd. Is an ISO9001:2015 certified company in India delivering enterprise support services. The company was re-certified to ISO9001:2015 standard in the recently conducted audit.

British Standards Institution, which is one of the well-known certification body of ISO has audited Superseva and recommended continuation of ISO9001:2015 standard.

Reasons that make SuperSeva: ISO9001:2015 certified company in India

All the processes, procedures and policies of the business verticals, operations, client satisfaction and service delivery service measures of SuperSeva were audited. It was observed that the policies, processes, and procedures followed are well in-line with the ISO9001:2015 standard and the quality policy of the company.

Some of the processes adopted by SuperSeva like delivery measures and client satisfaction were appreciated by the auditing team and few observations were recommended for quality improvement.

SuperSeva is an ISO9001:2015 certified company and it was re-certified to ISO9001:2015 standard in the audit conducted during September 2018. The business verticals audited were:

1. HR, Staffing and Managed services
2. Concierge Operations
3. Client Relation Management (CRM)
4. Facilities
5. IT and Hardware Support
6. Procurement
7. Infrastructure and Support

SuperSeva is an ISO9001:2015 certified company in India and it is certified by ISO for 12 years. Each and every staff of SuperSeva is well aware of the quality policy of the organization.

Words of Wisdom by ISO Lead Auditor and SuperSeva Head HR, Mr.Vishwas Yadav

The quality policy of SuperSeva was drafted under the leadership of Mr.Vishwas Yadav who is an ISO lead auditor for 3 years (certificate number 00318893). Mr.Vishwas Yadav is also the vertical head of SuperSeva’s HR and staffing services and has been representing the company in the ISO audit for the 7th consecutive year.

Mr.Vishwas shared that the present ISO9001:2015 standard is different to the previous ISO9001:2008 standard with respect to the risk analysis. The earlier standard expected each vertical of organizations to maintain its risk register and learn from the mistakes committed. However, the present standard expects the organizations to perform risk analysis beforehand and convert the risks into opportunities for improvement.

Mr. Vishwas added that the risk register is now expected to be periodically reviewed and the challenges must be foreseen in advance. Once a risk is identified instead of seeing it as a liability, the present standard encourages the organizations to see it more as an area for improvement. He opined that as we are expected to identify the risk in advance, it can be avoided by having a preventive strategy in place. SuperSeva is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in India and the organization is conducting risk analysis vertical wise and converting risks into opportunities.

Looking into the future

SuperSeva is committed to providing quality service for its clients by leveraging technology to a maximum extent. The company’s strategy is to have accurate real-time data, which will enable it to monitor the operations better. It also plans to automate several operations which are now being performed manually. This will take out the human error factor, save time, improve data accuracy, ensure better transparency and save manual labor. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in India, SuperSeva is looking to set new standards for quality in the enterprise support services domain and the company looks to improve its processes to achieve client delight!

Levarage SuperSeva’s exhaustive experience and be assured of quality service

With 18 years of experience in delivering enterprise support services, SuperSeva brings its skilled persons and customized technology to ensure the best experience for the client. SuperSeva’s re-accreditation to ISO9001:2015 standard underlines the fact that we have been able to maintain excellent service levels. If you are looking for enterprise support services for your company, you may contact us through sales@superseva.com. For more information about our services, you can call our call center at +91 9590 901 901 or drop a mail to info@superseva.com. You may also visit our website www.superseva.com to know more.

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    Our hospital JCI and NABH accredited. CSSD always got winner ASIA PACIFIC SOCIETY OF INFECTION CONTROL (APSIC).
    Please contact to me for ISO audit.
    91 9051454954 / 9804000382

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