Employees are the best assets of a company. And, there is no limit to the benefits and services that a company can offer to its employees. They can set up a concierge desk at their office – a move that can boost employee moral within the organization. They can set up an interactive reward and recognition program to encourage their best performers. They can also conduct employee engagement activities to let their employees take a break from their work schedules. The limitation however is strength of an organization’s HR team. A firm cannot employ their core team to manage their non-core functions. Their productivity suffers, so does the delivery of their core functions. We suggest its time to do away with your limitations. SuperSeva HR Support services supports the entire HR function of your firm. We have divided the offerings into sub categories-

  • Concierge Services for employees
  • Employee Engagement Service
  • Reward & Recognition Services
  • Other Support Services

– Payroll management
– Training for employees
– Induction Process
– Background Verification
– Inbound & Outbound Training Program
– Resume Screening
– Team Outing
– Annual get-together / Foundation day celebration
– Onsite Crèche for babies
– Onsite Utility shop for employees

So, why wait? Hiring talented human resource is a challenge, and a bigger challenge is to engage them. Every employee seeks that little bit extra from his employer. Show them you care. Engage with SuperSeva Enterprise Support Services to discover that little bit extra!

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