It is imperative for a National leader in quality health care to provide their patients a quality health care service and patient experience — which includes everything from offering the most advanced medical treatments to making their stay comfortable and convenient. Patient experience includes more than what goes on inside the hospital which is obvious.

It is a common sight of patients being admitted into your hospital through your emergency unit and the floor of your hospital being swarmed by anxious loved ones and relatives of the patient. They might be very new to the city not knowing any place for accommodation and the means of transportation available around that area for commuting. In such cases, people usually approach hospital’s front desk or any of your in-house staff for advice and help. This can lead to confusion created due to the choking of bandwidth which can hamper the operations. This is because your front desk executive is usually trained to receive calls, greet customers and handle queries related to hospitals.  One stop solution to this problem is to channelize your stress and burden to a Hospital Concierge Service Provider who will take care of your nagging chores and tasks and helps free your time and energy, by allowing you to concentrate on providing the healing effect to your patients.

If your patients/visitors lose their way or need any information about hospital services or anything specific to their needs, SuperSeva services can help you in dealing with such situations by becoming your trusted partner in providing Hospital Concierge Services. Teaming up with SuperSeva you will be able to provide complimentary services to all patients and guests of your hospital, designed to address non-clinical needs, from transportation and information requests, to room service. SuperSeva has organized and categorized the services to help patients, visitors and employees with daily needs that may otherwise be difficult to meet in a hospital setting.

SuperSeva’s Hospital Concierge Services are catered for:

Employee Benefits-

Hospital concierge services also help employees with personal responsibilities that may be difficult to achieve due to their demanding work schedules, by providing customized services tailored to meet their needs.

Patient Benefits-

A hospital concierge serves as the link between patients and private services (vendors) to provide additional amenities based on the patients requirements to make their stay in the hospital stress free so that they can leave being healthy sooner. Once the patient is discharged from the hospital and is sent back home it is difficult to receive/send any medical reports from the hospital. SuperSeva will collect the impending medical reports on behalf of the patients and send it through courier to their home town so that they can enjoy a smooth communication with the doctors without being physically present.

Visitor Benefits –

A hospital concierge may help visitors of patients with daily or specialty needs, such as organizes transportation services to and from bus stations, airports, hotels and train stations. We also make arrangements for accommodation like finding a suitable place of stay based on their budget and requirement.  Visitors also have the benefits of undisturbed WiFi and Cyber Cafe facilities inside the hospital premises with well-equipped printing and scanning facilitates.

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