Have you experienced an upheaval in your front office operations from a past few months? Such situations mainly arise when the front office is manned either by an in- house executive or your security personnel.  Your front office usually reflects your company’s philosophy, attitude and values. It can be a huge challenge to retain your top-quality front office personnel because these positions often include high levels of stress for low pay. That is the time when you tend to make a decision at haste by filling in the position immediately by taking on board either your in- house executive or your security personnel.

Imagine a scenario when an important client/customer walks in and the front office is managed by one of your security personnel. Your clients can get antagonized and it might drive them away when faced with such a situation. It can harm your company’s reputation and business growth by reducing or completely eliminating profits. Your loss is someone else’s gain and hence the competitors are happy.

The challenges that your visitor will face:

  • There will be communication gap because your security personnel speak little or no English.
  • Every query resolutions may not meet the desired standards.
  • Their attire and grooming might not match the standards of a professional which might put off any visitors.

The challenges that your security personnel will face:

  • Their mannerisms and tone will be stern as they will not be trained adequately.
  • They will look at everyone from an angle of security breaching owing to their training in that particular area.

The highly recommended route to escape from such a situation is to hire a Front Office Service Provider. SuperSeva as a Managed Front Office partner will take care of all your needs by providing you with professionally qualified and trained personnel for the specific and generic needs of the company. While you as an organization can focus on your core competencies rather than worry about other such non-core functions.

Our front office executives will be trained to:

  • Dresses in proper, professional attire
  • Greet/handle/prioritize visitors
  • Handle phone calls
  • Route phone calls
  • Respond to enquiries
  • Monitor visitor access
  • Take messages
  • Book/cancel appointments
  • Sort mail
  • Make fax transmittal
  • Handle deliveries

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