What is the scope of SuperSeva’s managed services?

Outsourcing experts for non-core areas of your business is a wise thing to do. It not only mitigates the headache of managing all the services, but it also makes sure that there are back up resources if the present ones leave.

Why to opt for our managed services and outsource some of your needs?

You can opt for our managed services for the following reasons:

  1. Delegate and Relax: You can focus on your main business while we handle your supporting services. Our managed services will make you feel more relaxed as you can utilize your entire time and energy on your core business. Outsourcing experts for your needs will also ensure that it is executed professionally.
  2. Single point of contact (POC): We take care of all the services needed to keep your business running. There are about 10 services which come under our managed services ambit and all these can be availed through a single POC. Outsourcing experts for each requirement is now super easy!
  3. Save money: Be in control of your monthly costs through our subscription-based services. (OPEX instead of CAPEX). Outsourcing experts is a cost-effective idea when compared to hiring a professional.
  4. Improved productivity: Ensure longevity and maximum uptime of your systems and devices by leveraging our managed services.

Super Managed Services:

  1. IT Asset Management

All elements of software and hardware that are there in the business environment come under the ambit of assets. We manage all the assets effectively through quick troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring the entry and exit of devices (like laptops) and so on. IT asset management is an important offering under our managed services and many MNCs are leveraging this service. Outsourcing experts for managing all your software and hardware assets is now made easy!

  1. Managed Front Office

The front office of your enterprise will be completely managed by us. We will not only handle inbound calls and visitors, but we also take care of your guests. Managed services like front office, mailroom, concierge and guest relations are often handled by a single SuperSeva executive. Outsourcing experts who have impressive soft skills make your front office to be more welcoming and professional.

  1. Contractual Staffing

We hire on behalf of your organization and we provide apt resources based on your requirements. Outsourcing experts for your staffing needs can be beneficial especially when you are looking for people with skills that are not easily available in the market. Staffing is yet another key offering under SuperSeva’s managed services.

  1. Automated Mailroom

SuperSeva’s mailroom service ensures proper sorting and delivery of physical mails. All the mails will be delivered right at the desk of your employee. We also track all the incoming and outgoing mails.

  1. Stamping and Franking

All the bulk e-stamping and franking requirements of your company will be handled by us. The required e-stamps or franked documents are delivered within 4-5 business days.

The Last Word:

You can now concentrate on your primary business by delegating your non-core requirements to us. We will not only manage your facility, assets and front office, but we also render staffing and a bunch of other services too.

For more details, drop a mail to sales@superseva.com. Alternatively, you can reach us on +91 96869 99844 (Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.)

We will be delighted to serve you for your office facility management and corporate bulk stamping & franking needs too. Do get in touch with us.

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