Dear Friends, Greetings to all for the New year of 2020… SuperSeva predominantly completed a year of many milestones,success achievements,goals, visions, aspirations and endless possibilities witnessed in the year 2019. The year of success in terms of organizational goals and milestones are to be the sharing golden spaces in our victorious journey since from the last 2 decade. Our reputation is our most treasured asset and the foundation on which we have built our superseva Family. Everyone at Superseva knows that the only way to protect and improve our reputation is to exceed the client’s expectations, meet our commitments, innovate in our business and deliver excellence.

One of our major achievements in the past year has been our ability to settle in Technological embracement and step to a digital world of possibilities, updated web presence, stabilize and strengthen our existing client relationships, define and institutionalize operational processes and start conversations with new prospective clients. As a Significant and important milestone in the year of 2019 is SuperSeva become the Service provider of technology giant IBM INDIA in Managed Parking solutions,Cardekho added in our client list for their staffing Solutions at PAN India, we conducted kids Carnival at Tangoe , initiatives to launch Paytm KYC Updations and Fastags at our Concierge Desks.

As a result, we achieved a greater high record in our business both in terms of finance and expansion. Last year we organised ThinkBig 2019 annual event for WeConnect International at Mumbai and Corporate Decoration Services in Shell was also one of the remarkable achievements in the year of 2019. We accomplished 20% Organic growth in revenue of the year of 2018-19 and added 300 employees in topline and 22% w.r.t last year same quarter. In the last quarter, all verticals witnessed good expansion. The concierge vertical added 12 new clients Wellsfargo, Novotel, Sapient, PayPal, Divya Shree Chambers ,Oyo Rooms, Canara HSBC and 17 new desks in Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore.

In Managed Services and Staffing we added some preimium clients like ,Cardekho,FinancialSoftware and System, Tangoe, Bard, TimKen, Arkaraise and Columbia Asia….We expanded business with our existing clients few are Caterpillar,Concetrix,Adobe integrated Facility services,Stamping, Courier Services and Staffing as serving them in other areas as well. A significant milestone that we perceive the last year 2019 SuperSeva launched SupersevakApp for the personal assistance for our concierge services.We started Weekly Training and Development for the aspirants that we deployed in several working platforms of our customers. As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] we take an Unforgettable Initiative to extend our helping hands to survival of our society from the calamity that we witnessed in last year, SuperSeva joints hands with our state economically, socially and personally.

Being a responsible part of our surroundings fully aware of the necessity of Environment protection, we providing free plants for building an eco-friendly environment at World Environment Day. I am gratified to share the immeasurable amount of praise and appreciations Superseva is receiving from those we associated, that we considered as the outcome of our hard work, dedication, commitment that we raise. I am sure we are set for a successful path and each one of your contributions make things happen. And we are prepared to seize the glory of another year of success, challeges, vision and goal. andI wishing a prosperous Happy New Year for all… I wholeheartedly welcome any constructive feedback. You can reach me through my email id: Kumud Sharma CEO

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