ImageRecognition and accolades is what every employee cherishes. SuperSeva shares employees’ emotions, expectations, enthusiasm and exhilaration in equal merit.  Quarterly awards and recognition event is not just a celebration of employees achievement, but also felicitate all our associates who have invested their sweats and skills for the development of SuperSeva. It is also a time to refocus on our larger goal of becoming the “best corporate partner” and reach larger summits. 

At our recently held Quarterly Awards Day we felicitated individual and team for their unstinted support and achievements for the period April – July 2013.  CEO, Ms. Kumud Sharma and one of our Board of Directors, Mr. Ajay Shankar Sharma warmly applauded and congratulated all the employees for their initiatives and contributions towards the company’s overall success.  Ms. Kumud Sharma engulfed in pride and emotion in equal measure said: “the last quarter has turned out to be a very profitable year, and really appreciate your hard work and contribution towards the success of SuperSeva.” Mr. Ajay Shankar Sharma while profusely congratulating all the winners said, “I really congratulate you all, especially to all the winners who have shown their immense talent and dedication that has helped SuperSeva to reach its height.” He further said, “Hard work is the only way to succeed. Instead of counting errors and complaining at others, we should be focused at our own objective and goals.

It was a pleasurable event with all the bonhomie and good will. KUDOS to the winners!

List of the winners:

Desk Executive


Best Performer

Runner Up

Group A (Mudassir Ahmed)

Mr. Prakash

Mr. Mampi Nath

Group B (Chandrakanth)

Mr. Dilip S N

Ms. Manasa M

Group C (Gowtham)

Mr. Mahendiran L

Mr. Ravi Kanth T

Group D (Ayesha Zahir)

Mr. Gopal Krishna K

Ms. Shilpa P

Group E (Zeeshan Ahmed)

Mr. Murali S

Ms. Anusha R K

Major Awards for the Year

Best All round Performer

Ms. Tania Sikdar


Best Performer of the Year – Operations

Mr. Jitendra Winner


Best Performer of the year (CRM)

Ms. Rachana Maladahiyar


Best Performer of the Year (HR)

Mr. Vishvas Yadav


Best Performer (Mgt.)

Mr. Sandip Kumbhar



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