How SuperSeva is building an easy roadway for fulfilling corporate needs and requirements!

SuperSeva, being one a major enterprise support solution company in India, SuperSeva is present across the nation into major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad easing the hefty needs and requirements of the major industry tycoons by fulfilling their larger scale demands. Our strong belief and potential in successfully serving major brands in the market since past 17 years made us stand among the top outsourcing companies in Bangalore. With our Hybrid technique of efficient manpower and technology with soon bring us neck to neck with top outsourcing companies in India during coming times.

One of the major requirement which gives difficult time to the industries is E-stamping & Franking needs.

E Stamping is a computer-based and electronic method for putting stamp which is not effortlessly accessible all through PAN India. The primary goal for this e stamping framework is to counteract paper and process related false practices, spillage of government incomes, and store data in electronic shape and construct a focal information bank to influence simplicity of the check to process.

E Stamp papers and Franking papers are majorly needed by the HR, Administrative and Legal department. The main areas where it finds its importance are:

  • New Employee joinings in an organization
    • Employees who will be travelling overseas
    • Creating new documents or renewal of old ones
    • Legal contracts with suppliers

To benefit every one of these offices one needs to visit the approved accumulation focuses to top off the application shape accessible there. These focuses of the gathering are by and large few approved banks and post workplaces by the Stock Holding Corps of India Ltd. The principle downside of such framework is that these approved banks/post workplaces have certain tenets which may vary from state to state and here and there from bank to bank inside a similar state. Extra to the nonattendance of consistency during the time spent control, these focuses additionally have a strict working hour. In this manner, any individual who needs to satisfy their necessities must know the guidelines of preparing for each bank in various states which may likewise encounter update now and again. They likewise need to remain in the long line for extend periods of time in the event that they need to complete their employment inside that stipulated time span. This problem can be put to an end by considering the choice of outsourcing this work to a specialist who will help you to deal with your work/life adjust so you can concentrate more on your centre occupation.

How is SuperSeva solving this?
SuperSeva is actively providing E-stamp paper and Franking Fulfillment Services to major IT and non-IT based industries in India. Hence, these industries can now easily procure E-stamp paper and Franking, without losing a single sweat out of their productive working hours and focusing solely on their core business.

Process flow:
• E-Stamp Paper: Clients need to e-mail us the details of the first party, second party and the quantity required. The stamp paper would be delivered at their office within the turnaround time (24- 72 hours).
• Franking papers: Clients need to inform us. We would arrange to get the document picked and would get it franked. It would be delivered within the turnaround time (24- 72 hours).

SuperSeva is an industry leader in concierge services handling about 5,000+ client requests per month. SuperSeva currently operates in 12 major cities across the country. To know more about this, contact us on

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