World Environment Day, commemorated each year on June 5 to spread awareness on environment protection. The day is devoted to all the people from all walks of life to come together to ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter outlook for themselves and future generations.

SuperSeva also believes in Eco-friendly environment, thus, our e-store has come up with an exclusive product for World Environment Day. SuperSeva presents you a variety of Desk Plants, which is 100% Eco-friendly and can survive in the air conditioned environment of your office or home.

Why you need a Desk Plant?

  • Improve indoor air quality.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Increase productivity
  • Make rooms more comfortable.
  • Keep the environment on your mind

The specialty of these Desk Plants is they don’t need any sunlight and the room light is enough for them. The only thing that you need to take care is to water the plants, once in two days. The Desk Plant comes with a large tray so that it could collect the excess water and prevent you in shifting the tray to other place while watering the plants.

So, why not get a Desk Plant and make your room lively and environmental? Order us now your Desk Plant at or you may call us at 080-49051666 to place your order.

Every one counts in the initiative of World Environment Day, so be a part of it and buy a piece of Desk Plant to your home and office and make this day special for you and your environment.

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