Did you know that you can avail of 14+ major services through your concierge desk?

If you are a software professional or an employee of an IT enterprise, you will always be running short of time for your personal works. SuperSeva offers several concierge services in order to help you to concentrate on your main work while you could delegate most of your personal works to us. How would you like it if you had an helping hand for managing the activities in your day-to-day life? SuperSeva is an enterprise which is in the service industry since 18 years and it offers a wide range of concierge services. Here is a list of concierge services delivered at office by SuperSeva:

Super Concierge Services:

Ticket Booking Services: Whether it is bus, or train or flight tickets, we can book tickets for you. We fetch tickets for sport events like league cricket matches and so on. We also do bulk bookings for movies or concerts. You can also plan your corporate team vacation through us. Additionally, you can perform bulk booking at your favorite restaurant for team lunch and so on. Ticket booking service delivered at office is one of our most used concierge service.

Government Services: You can avail a host of services delivered at office through SuperSeva concierge services. You can get several services related to Passport, RTO, PAN card and Municipality.


Service domain Major services available
RTO Services 1. LL and DL related services

2. RC book related services

3. Encumbrance certificate

4. Road tax payment

5. Transfer of ownership, etc

Passport Services 1. Tatkal passport

4. Normal passport

5. Renewal, etc

PAN Card Services 1 Fresh PAN card
Municipality Services 1. IT Returns

2. Encumbrance certificate 1 year, 2 years, etc

3. Marriage certificates – Special, Christian, etc

4. Birth Certificates, etc

5. E-stamping and franking


VISA: You can get business visa, transit visa, or tourist visa through SuperSeva concierge services delivered at office. You can avail this service by contacting our concierge desk or by calling our customer care number.

Legal: You can bank upon SuperSeva concierge services for your legal needs. Whether it is getting affidavits, fetching legal forms, legal consultation or hiring a lawyer – civil or criminal, you can delegate your requirements to us.

Bill Payments: You can pay your bills through SuperSeva concierge desk at your office. You can pay your electricity, water, credit card, internet and club membership bills through SuperSeva. Through SuperSeva concierge services delivered at office you can easily pay your post paid mobile or landline bills. You can recharge your pre-paid mobile number too.

Post Office: We cater to your post office needs like mailing, getting stamps and other post office stationary. We will also fetch the RD application for you. Post office services delivered at office has been found to be very useful for our corporate clients.

Courier: We offer courier service to our clients. You can drop your couriers at the concierge desk near you and we will get it delivered. Courier service delivered at office is very useful for people who have families miles away in a different state or so.

Banking: We offer several banking services like application for RD, FD, new account, locker facility and so on. We also deposit cheques, fetch DDs, get your passbook updated, etc. Banking services delivered at office saves you value time and energy.

Loan : If you want to take personal loan, car loan or home loan, you can enquire through our concierge desk. Loan enquiry is one of the premium services delivered at office by SuperSeva.

Events: You can plan and organize a host of events like birthday parties and so on through SuperSeva concierge services delivered at office. You can also organize team building, sports and fitness activities through us. We also help you to plan your corporate team vacation too.

Odd jobs: How many times have you felt the need for a helping hand for fixing your plumbing, electricity, AC, escalator, lift or garbage problems ? You can get these odd jobs done through SuperSeva concierge services delivered at office.

Senior citizen services: You can get a range of senior citizen services like nursing which is provided on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also send money orders through us.

Value added services: We offer value added services related to real estate, finance and health-care. Buying, selling and renting of properties can be done through our concierge desk.

Other services: If you want to gift flowers or chocolate for your loved ones on their birthday or anniversary, you can make use of our concierge services delivered at office. If you have got transferred to a different city, you can delegate your shifting needs to our Packers and Movers. We will make sure that the relocation is done professionally. We can also get house maid services through SuperSeva concierge services.

You can avail these concierge services by contacting our concierge desk by mailing to info@superseva.com or by calling our customer care number 09590901901. Alternatively, you can simply walk to the concierge desk at your office too.


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