SuperSeva provides takal booking service for its customers. For the benefit of passengers who have to plan their journey at the last moment and cannot secure reserved accommodation, Indian Railways provide “Tatkal” ticket booking facility on payment of premium charges on ‘first come first served’ basis. Indian railways allow booking of Tatkal tickets 2 days before the travelling date.

Tickets can be booked from the reservation centers spread across the country and also from the Indian railways website (IRCTC) but the tatkal booking is a very tedious procedure. There are number of hitches in this process though.

  1. Tatkal booking starts at 8 A.M. The server will be loaded around 7:45 A.M itself. Its better to log on to the site around 7:30 A.M and keep the session alive till 8 am. But if your service gets disconnected , be prepared to miss the opportunity.
  2. Keep all the information for booking the ticket -Train number, Train name, boarding station code, destination station code and also the debit / credit card details because the more you delay, lesser the chances of your getting the ticket.
  3. The booking form spans across multiple pages so you have to be fast with your fingers. Quick booking form is also available from IRCTC which is a single page form though.
  4. Advisable is that you use the browser’s Auto-complete feature for filling the form fields based on the previously entered values. Do a dummy transaction before the Tatkal booking opens. That way, you can save some valuable time by auto-completing the form fields during the actual booking.
  5. Many times, the transaction fails during the payment process. Whenever you make any transaction, the service will transfer to the banking site and then back to the IRCTC page.  Some of the banking sites use virtual keyword for security PIN to safeguard from any key tappers. That too uses more time than typing the PIN.
  6. And to do all this you need a lot of time.

With SuperSeva all that you need to do is visit the SuperSeva helpdesk with your travel plans and go back to your seat and complete your official duties. We will ensure that you get the tickets on your desk without wasting a minute of your productive time.

Don’t ever miss a train, don’t ever stand in that queue, don’t ever waste a second. Welcome to hassle-free  tatkal booking services from SuperSeva.

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