Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in the global economy and thus are considered the backbone of economy for a nation. It is usually seen that the growth of SMEs are hindered due to resource constraints and management weaknesses. Amongst the many difficulties faced by SMEs, one major is the management of the non-financial department of ‘Facilities Management’ whose duty is to incorporate multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, processes and technology

It has been identified that most SMEs have an ineffective Facilities Department due to unorganized organizational structure. SMEs are slowly losing their power on making long term plans since they have to be so constantly focused on the day-to-day Facilities Management operations. In today’s economic downturn, companies are facing greater challenges for survival in terms of complex business environment and fast paced changes in technologies and customer expectations.  If Facilities Management operational problems remain to prevail in an organization for a longer time, it might weaken the competency of SMEs in revenue generation as well as in keeping them abreast in the evolving market. Several initiatives are required to be undertaken to identify the reasons behind weakened Facilities Management departments in SMEs. SMEs are largely plagued by the difficulties in relation to the management of Human resources. There is always a scarcity for trained and experienced employees in SMEs due to lack of better pay packages. SMEs also find it difficult to afford the remunerative salaries for their facilities team and also to provide them adequate training. Further, it is also difficult in recruiting and motivating skilled personnel who tend to look for better opportunity elsewhere. Therefore, in order to get rid of such petty issues so that more time is invested for planning long term goals and focusing on core business, it is imperative for SMEs to outsource their non-core functions like Facilities Management to professional Facilities Management Provider.

SuperSeva Services is an expert in delivering integrated oriented approach towards Facilities Management. We are known in the market to offer wider service packages by matching the provision precisely to the business needs and implement quality in performance to meet our clients’ needs.

Benefits of outsourcing your Facilities Management function to SuperSeva Services

  • Ensure that there will be 100% availability of the staffs even during illness, leave and in peak periods. This job has high level of attrition but SuperSeva Services, will always keep a replacement ready.
  • You don’t have to worry about Labor Compliance issues; hence it is always better when you outsource your services to a qualified expert service provider.
  • All of the Facilities Management staffs/employees will be on our payroll and we will also take care of their training, compliance, welfare and evaluate their performance from time to time.
  • Many other Facilities Management service providers operate strictly to their fixed SLA’s without any room for flexibility. However, in SuperSeva Services you will find our services to be customized according to your requirements.

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