Let’s take two scenarios:

Scenario A where employees relocate to a new city. Besides thinking of renting/buying a house, identifying schooling requirements for their kids they are also clueless about their vehicle. Yes! How/where to complete the formalities for the transfer papers? Once identified, they stand in the serpentine queue, only to realize that they do not have all the necessary papers and will have to come again.


  1. Employee stress levels are high.
  2. Many such employees facing similar situation at work, lose numerous productive days collectively.
  3. Overall output of the company comes down.
  4. And on a lighter note-The HR manager has a tough time justifying the recruitment/relocation.

Scenario B where again the employees  are relocated and besides thinking of the home and school, they are not thinking of their vehicle papers at all.

Reason:- They are employees of SuperSeva Client


  1. They do not have to go to the RTO office as all the paperwork is handled by SuperSeva officers.
  2. They do not have to worry about the how/where of the vehicle paperwork hence they have reduced stress levels.
  3. Better focus on their core deliverable.
  4. Due to reduced stress , the productivity of the employee increases.
  5. The company shows improved results.
  6. and of course, The HR manager of the company too is a Happy Person as their decision of using SuperSeva’s services has paid off really well.

SuperSeva’s Corporate RTO services help Employee of their Corporate Clients in all types of Corporate RTO work be it getting a license, renewing license, change of address, payment of fees, taxes, challans (fines), registration of a new vehicle and all other such Transport office related work.

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  • I have a 2 wheeler of which i want transfer to my name and also my previous insurance is expired… Please help

    • Hi Pavan,

      Thank you connecting with SuperSeva, We will forward your request to our RTO expert team. Can you provide us with your contact number? You can expect a call back from our team. We will be sending a email regarding this very soon.

  • Hi,

    I have a motorcycle registered in Thane Maharashtra(Registered in Jan 2007). An NOC was issued to me mid 2007 when I moved from Thane to Goa. The vehicle is now in Goa (my parents’ house). The Registration Certificate card and the NOC hard copy have been misplaced. I have since moved to Bangalore. Now Goa RTO does not issue a duplicate RC without a Police Certificate. The police aren’t issuing certificate without a copy of the RC. I’m in a fix. Can you help?
    Please contact me on 9591749469.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Dear Mr. Parijat, Greetings from SuperSeva Services. We will be glad to help you. We are forwarding your case to our RTO expertise team. One of our RTO executive will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

      Thank you

  • Hi.. I have a Karnataka registered bike but the road tax was paid in UP. Can I sell off the vehicle in karnataka with min charges in transfer of registration or do I need to do it in UP

    • Dear Mr. Dhinakaran, We have undertaken your query. One of our RTO experts will get in touch with you on your email.

      Thank you for trusting SuperSeva and getting in touch with us.

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have purchased used Yamaha Rx 100
    bike details as follows.

    Owner Name : RAKESH SIDANA
    Registration Date : 01-Sep-1989
    Vehicle Age : 28 Years & 9 Months
    Fuel Type : PETROL
    Engine No : ILI1XXXXX
    Chasi No : ILI1XXXXX
    Vehicle Class : M-CYCLE/SCOOTER (2)
    Fitness Upto : 30-May-2019
    Insurance Upto : 23-Aug-2015

    Kindly Assist me get the NOC from JANAKPURI, DELHI ( DL-4), me and seller don’t know the procedure and when we asked RTO agents, agents saying above 16 years vehicle NOC will not be issued. We both are struggling like anything.

    NOC required from Delhi DL-4 RTO to Karnataka KA – 26

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