If excellence & relaxation is what you look out for; settle for nothing less than the exquisite Premium concierge services of SuperSeva Services.

SuperSeva Premium Concierge Service offers the utmost level of personalized concierge services; provide unique amenities and services for clients who value incomparable expediency, the highest degree of luxury, exclusivity & flawless service. Our mission is to serve our client beyond their expectation and satisfaction.

What makes SuperSeva Premium Concierge Service the BEST??

  • 24/7 SERVICES: PREMIUM CONCIERGE experts will assist you constantly. You can always rely on them for anything even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team would be at work while you take your desired break
  • Multiple channels & Technology Connected (Web, Desk, Email & Phone) No long queues at the desk, minimum dependency on the Concierge executive’s efficiency
  • Acknowledgement System: E –receipt, Acknowledgement Slip, Mobile SMS alert system
  • Available on the internet (www.superseva.com) and therefore a world wide access to our services
  • An online request tracking mechanism, which allows our customers to track the status of their requests
  • Electronic Reminder Service through auto e-mail and SMS alert
  • Wide reach of our services through pan-India presence
  • System generated MIS report, providing accurate information about the desk usage every month transparently
    Well trained & customer-friendly Concierge team
  • Strong and particular operations team: Negligible percentage of errors: 0.05 %, Multiple check points. Every deadline is valued
  • One point contact: Expertise account managers for each & every corporate
  • We keep detailed knowledge of each customer’s profile, their tastes and preferences, our concierges can be customized & arranged exclusively
  • Evaluating our service: Depending on the nature of the request, an email or a call is routinely made to acquire customer feedback. This allows us to meet constantly the expectations of our client

At SuperSeva, our promise of “providing excellent service to ensure clientele satisfaction ” is not just a marketing slogan, it’s the rule we live by.

We are looking forward to serving you.

Ready to sign up or require more information; please contact us today by dialing +91-9686452450 or drop a mail to Tania@superseva.com/ Kumud@superseva.com.

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