E Stamping is a computer based and electronic way of putting stamp which is not easily available throughout PAN India. The e certificate which can be availed through e stamping is very quick and secure. The main objective for this e stamping system is to prevent paper and process related fraudulent practices, leakage of government revenues, and store information in electronic form and build a central data bank to make an ease of the verification process.

E Stamp papers and Franking papers are required by the HR, Administrative and Legal department. The main areas where it finds its importance are:

  • New joinees  in an organization
  • Employees who will be travelling overseas
  • Creating new documents or renewal of old ones
  • Legal contracts with suppliers

To avail all these facilities one needs to visit the authorized collection centers to fill up the application form available there. These centers of collection are generally few authorized banks and post offices by the Stock Holding Corps of India Ltd. The main drawback of such systems are that these authorized banks/post offices have certain rules which may differ from state to state and sometimes from bank to bank within the same state. Additional to the absence of uniformity in the process of regulation, these centers also have a strict working hour. Therefore anyone who wants to fulfill their requirements must know the rules of processing for every bank in different states which might also experience revision from time to time. They also need to stand in the long queue for long hours if they want to get their job done within that stipulated time frame. This dilemma can be put to an end by considering the option of outsourcing this work to an expert who will help you to manage your work/life balance so that you can focus more on your core job.

How SuperSeva could help?

SuperSeva provides all the MNCs and individuals with E stamp paper and Franking Fulfillment Services. Hence, MNCs can procure E-stamp paper and Franking, without any wastage of their productive working hours and also get their work done effortlessly. Currently we are servicing all MNC’s on a PAN India basis.

Process flow:

  • E-Stamp Paper: Clients need to e-mail us the details of the first party, second party and the quantity required. The stamp paper would be delivered at their office within the turnaround time (24- 72 hours).
  • Franking papers: Clients need to inform us. We would arrange to get the document picked and would get it franked. It would be delivered within the turnaround time (24- 72 hours).

SuperSeva is an industry leader in concierge services handling about 30,000 client requests per month. SuperSeva currently operates in 18 cities across the country. To know more about this, contact us on +91 96869 99844

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