An efficient working environment saves significant investments of both, managerial time and resource. Outsourcing may be a better option.

Market fluctuations and hence budgetary pressures are reasons why companies are forced to re-examine their support operations like Facilities Management – outsourcing such a function will lead to a leaner, more efficient organisation that can concentrate on core business and reduce operating costs.

Organisations explore outsourcing options for a variety of reasons:

  • Cost reduction
  • The potential to convert fixed costs to variable costs
  • Insufficient management time available for the in-house operation or its improvement
  • Difficulty in retaining sufficiently qualified staff

 The switch to outsourcing brings advantages including:

  • Cost savings of 10% – 20%
  • Improved service delivery by specialist FM service providers
  • Improved management of existing resources
  • The added value of consultancy expertise

 The SuperSeva advantage

As a highly process-driven and ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, we can alleviate client concerns related to management of their Facilities and enable them to concentrate on their core business. At SuperSeva, our Facility Management Service efficiently takes care of the entire facility in your office, round the clock.

Below is the list of support and facility services that SuperSeva provides to its number of clients.

Soft Services

  • HousekeepingServices
  • GardenandLawnMaintenance
  • PhysicalSecurityServices
  • PestControl
  • WasteManagement
  • VendorManagement
  • PantryServices
  • MailRoomServices

Hard Services

  • Mechanical/ElectricalServices
  • HVAC
  • WaterManagement&Plumbing

Support Services

  • OfficeAdministrationSupport
  • HelpDeskServices
  • LogisticsManagement

Hospitality Services

  • GuestHouseManagement

If your organization is looking at outsourcing this critical function to a specialist, please mail us at  – our team of experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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