Healthy lustrous tresses can make every owner proud and every friend jealous! But today, with limited time on our hands coupled with pollution, stress and unhealthy lifestyle, maintaining the health of the hair has become a challenge. So much so, that it makes us miss those days when our grand mothers would sit lovingly and perform long hair pampering massages! To address hair issues we organized a Hair Health Checkup camp for Associates at Cognizant, Mumbai across different locations. At the camp, we invited associates to interact with our experts, get their hair examined and pick up small tips on retaining and improving the health of the hair. Needless to say, it was not just the fairer sex who participated in the camp. We had guys queuing up too! Below are some good moments caught on camera:

The camp was arranged at the following locations at Cognizant, Mumbai:

  • Cognizant- Airoli
  • Cognizant- Kensington

These corporate events are bought to you by which started off a concierge service provider and has now diversified into providing various other professional and personal assistance services. The event was organized as a part of our employee engagement activities.

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