With return on investment on traditional print, brochures and inserts dropping, companies are looking for novel ways to reach out to clients and engage in product testing and influence purchase through more personal involvement. Marketing and promoting the brand name of company at point of sale at low cost is the new mantra companies are pursuing to brace tough markets.  Thus, every company has now heavily turned towards managing their Feet on the street (FoS) sales force to bring out a difference.

It has been an increasing trend today to outsource your Feet on the street sales force in order to minimize your costs.  However, the biggest challenge faced is in terms of keeping your FoS sales force motivated to perform more effectively and efficiently in alignment with your company’s goals.

Challenges faced in managing your FoS Sales work force

Putting the right face at the right place:

Hiring the right team including the Manager is very important who have a knack for understanding and convincing people. Since, this job requires a lot of travelling it is essential that energetic and passionate people are hired to build a team. But in many instances, the problem faced by many organizations is in managing the team of FoS where the resilience is seen to be low and many are seen to abscond from their job or terminate their services within a short period of time.

Facing tough competition from the competitors:

It is mandatory for every FoS sales force to ensure that the requirements of their clients are fulfilled dot on time because in case of any delays your competitor might walk away with the business proposal. Clients/Customers are usually very busy and they approach many vendors/agents to fulfill the requirements. If you’re late in responding to your customers’ needs then you will be replaced by your competitor. You will not only lose your business but also project a bad image of your company which might affect any future alliances with your customers/clients.

Unreasonable demands:

It becomes difficult for the executives to perform effectively when there are unreasonable demands from the customers/clients like picking up documents at 10 pm in the night. The job then is viewed as frustrating and strenuous in a tough environment like this. This is the time when the role of a Manager as a good coach comes into the picture. Recognition for good work is very important and a job well done should be appreciated as money is not always the main driver.

You can overcome all your challenges in handling an efficient and productive FoS sales force by outsourcing your work to SuperSeva Services who will facilitate you in achieving your objectives, resolving your issues and capturing your customers. Our Feet on Street (FOS) team can go to your customers, collect their documents; and verify them before bringing it back to our office – in the most Cost efficient way.

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