Since the impending global economic slow down has forced companies to cut down their budget, Outsourcing has become a popular buzzword in business corridors. Companies have realized that functions such as drawing legal agreement with a vendors /partners, computing finance and account statements every quarter, tax filing for the company every financial year are need based, and yet they end up hiring a full time team to take care of these functions. If your company is also struggling to realign resources, we suggest they opt for a smarter solution- concentrate on their core expertise and outsource their finance & legal functions to us.

Engage with the Finance & Legal vertical of SuperSeva Enterprise Support Services to get best advice from our team of experienced industry experts.

Finance & Legal Vertical offers the following services:

  • Taxation and Accounting Support
  • Stamp paper and Document Franking
  • Procurement Solution
  • Other Support Services

– ITR Filing for employees

As the last date of Tax filing draws close, don’t wait! Sign up for ITR filing not just for your company, but also individually for your employees. More details on ITR filing is available here.

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