What do you think that makes a company more successful than the other? Is it the better services, cost structure, technologies and productivity?  While these dimensions are certainly important, the one definitive differentiators is the employees of the organization. Successful companies have a simple formula, happy and engaged employees.

Engaged employees enjoy high job satisfaction, own and drive outcomes. Combined with the right sense of empowerment, they make the organization a happening place. Such organization gains from lower attrition rates, higher productivity, reduced sickness leave, lesser conflicts and more innovations.

SuperSeva, as a people driven organization has always placed highest premium on attracting and engaging the employees. SuperSeva employees have fostered a culture of one large family with common goals. SuperSeva has extensively used following platforms to build common bonds and one large family organization:

  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Sports Events
  • Cultural Activities/ Foundation Day Celebration/ Annual Day Celebration
  • Party Planning
  • Food Festival
  • Corporate Social Responsibility related activities
  • Team building activities
  • Team outing and group holidays
  • Special Day Celebrations
  • Rewards and Gifting
  • Complementary Events (Sponsored events)
  • Super deals or your employees

SuperSeva recognizes health is a wealth gift that must be preserved best.Towards this we have a wide array of activities targeted at our employee well-being.

Health and Wellness for healthier lifestyles

  • News Letters on Health
  • Executive Health Check Up
  • Medical Room Management
  • Awareness Talk on Health Topics
  • Vaccination
  • Theme based activities on Health Days

Sports Activities all indoor and outdoor games management

  • Cricket Match and other Outdoor Games
  • Indoor Games Competition

Team Building Activities to create an effective, powerful team

  • Training on Personality Development
  • Weekly activities on the floor / cafeteria /at common points.
  • Fun Day at Work: Ex: Thank God Its Thursday, Fundoo Friday etc

Team Outing apt destinations and customize the outing accordingly

  • Resorts, Exotic Locations, Lunch / Dinner Party, Event/ Movie Tickets, Travel Bookings, Special Concepts (Moon light cycling, Adventure Trips etc)

Complementary Events (Sponsored Events)

  • Toy Car Racing by Radio Mirchi
  • Wheel of Fortune by ICICI Prudential
  • Body Composition Analysis by Vibes/ VLCC

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