Effective Facilities Management

If you’re looking for solutions related to Facilities Management, you have come to the right place. Effective Facilities Management (FM) refers to the combination of resources and activities to generate the work environment which is vital to the success of any organisation. At a corporate level, it contributes to the delivery of strategic and tactical objectives. On a more regular basis, effective Facilities Management provides a safe and efficient working environment, which is essential to the performance of any establishment, whatever its size and scope of work. Facilities management systems have been around for decades helping organisations to compete more effectively by maximising their operational efficiency and reducing their overhead costs. Today’s progressive organisations are transitioning to smarter and flexible infrastructure with integrated Facilities Management to realise the potential of their business and its alignment to their budding business priorities.

Our end-to-end facilities management solutions helps you make the most of your enterprise’s facilities. SuperSeva ensures a high ROI for your facilities. We cover all aspects whether it’s related to productivity or cost efficiency. We consistently leverage our 16+ years’ experience to deliver an all-inclusive, well planned and commercial facilities management solution. All maintenance and management tasks are impeccably transferred to our experts. You can depend on our deep industry experience to make the most of your facilities.


Soft Services

  1. Housekeeping Services
  2. Garden and Lawn Maintenance
  3. Physical Security Services
  4. Pest Control
  5. Waste Management
  6. Vendor Management
  7. Pantry Services
  8. Mail Room Services


Hard Services

  1. Mechanical/Electrical Services
  2. HVAC
  3. Water Management & Plumbing


Support Services

  1. Office Administration Support
  2. Help Desk Services
  3. Logistics Management


Hospitality Services

  1. Guest House Management


Benefits of outsourcing your Facilities Management function to SuperSeva Services

Ensure that there will be 100% availability of the staffs even during illness, leave and in peak periods. This job has a high level of attrition but SuperSeva Services will always keep a replacement ready.

You don’t have to worry about Labor Compliance issues; hence it is always better when you outsource your services to a qualified expert service provider.

All of the Facilities Management staffs/employees will be on our payroll and we will also take care of their training, compliance, welfare and evaluate their performance from time to time.

Many other Facilities Management service providers operate strictly to their fixed SLA without any room for flexibility. However, in SuperSeva Services you will find our services to be customised according to your requirements.

We’d love to discuss how outsourcing your facilities to us can help you. For a chat, discussion or further information, please contact us at +91- 9686480636 / +91-95901901 or feel free to drop a mail at sathya@superseva.com / sales@superseva.com

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