Mr Raj was happy he got a new job with good increment of salary . He was excited to settle in a new city . The only issue he had while relocating to Bangalore from Hyderabad was “How to transfer his vehicle from one state to another ?“

The concern was much more than just moving the vehicle physically. He did not have any idea that he was going to be trapped with these worries.

  • Paying road tax again in the relocated state within 30 days
  • Proper road tax amount
  • Getting NOC from RTO, Hyderabad
  • Needs to change address in the RC
  • Pollution certificate
  • Which step he should undergo first ?
  • Whom and where to contact ?

Raj visited RTO office multiple times, took time off from work many times, had to run from pillar to post , had to fill forms that were never required in the first place.

He was wondering if there is a better way to get this done!!

SuperSeva assisted and rescued him out of this deadlock. Outcome achieved:

  • No worries to go RTO office as all the paperwork is handled by SuperSeva Officers
  • No worry about the how/where of the vehicle paperwork hence he has reduced stress levels
  • Better focus on the core deliverable
  • Due to reduced stress, the productivity of Mr Raj increases
  • Company also happy on his improved results. So chance of further increment arises

So SuperSeva wishes you Happy Moving to New City. Stay hassle free enjoying benefits from the Corporate RTO Support Services.Mail your requirements to / or call us on +91-9590-901901 .

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