How can SuperSeva assist in my RTO service requests?

SuperSeva provides end to end assistance in all documentation as well as sales related support to corporate for their RTO related requirements. We provide services like Vehicle ownership transfer, Registration and re-registration, Vehicle NOC, Change of address, applying driving license, Change of name, HP deletion etc

Will you assist in obtaining Clearance Certificate (cc)/No Objection Certificate (NOC) in the event of Sale/Removal of vehicle outside the state?

If the owner desires to remove or sell his vehicle outside the jurisdiction of registering authority within the State or outside the jurisdiction of registered authority we can help out in getting the Clearance Certificate (cc)/No Objection Certificate (NOC).

  • Documents Required: Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Tax Card, Permit and Fitness Certificate (in case of transport vehicle)
  • We will assist in clearing tax arrears, DSA cases etc and help in issuance of NOC

Please brief about HP Deletion. Can you assist in this?

In case you had bought your vehicle through Bank Financing, the vehicle would be hypothecated (HP) with the bank and name of the bank would appear in your RC book. Once you have cleared the loan, you should get the HP deleted. We will take you through step wise process of getting NOC from bank for HP deletion in respective forms, required documentation and make your due representation with RTO office

If an employee is relocating to a new city, what benefits will he/she get availing your RTO assistance?

  • They do not have to go to the RTO office as all the paperwork is handled by SuperSeva Officers
  • They do not have to worry about the how/where of the vehicle paperwork hence they have reduced stress levels
  • Better focus on their core deliverable
  • Due to reduced stress, the productivity of the employee increases

What are you thinking of? Stay hassle free enjoying benefits from SuperSeva’s Corporate RTO Support Services.

For any queries regarding our services, contact our experts on +91-9590901901 or drop an email

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