End of the month? Still looking for a Bill payment desk?

Often happens with us, we forget to pay our bills on time and end up paying extra, which always hurts the pocket. Bill payment is something which needs multiple visits to multiple places. When comes the first of the month and you are making a rundown of the considerable number of bills you need to pay. The bill is less of your worry but rather more lining up for the accommodation. Why should you line up when SuperSeva‘s bill accommodation office is accessible? We set up a Bill payment desk at your office premises. Remain current with your records and trust that your monetary house is all together, all while you are taking care of the delights of life. Our attendant service is true serenity you can rely on.


Our team of committed experts helps decrease the inconveniences from your own lives and make it more sensible and enjoyable. From the HR viewpoint, SuperSeva’s Bill Submission Facility to its clients have the most effect on efficiency, spirit, enlistment and maintenance, or more all financially savvy. It enhances representatives’ work/life adjust, prompting expanded maintenance, fulfilment and profitability.


The facility is available for all types of bills such as:

  • Payment of Electricity Bill
  • Payment of Water Bill
  • Payment of Telephone Bill
  • Payment of Mobile Bill
  • Payment of Internet Bill
  • Payment of Credit Card Bill
  • Payment of Insurance Premium
  • Payment of House Tax
  • Payment of Club Membership
  • Payment of House Tax
  • Payment of School Fees


All SuperSeva Services are custom designed to ensure quality delivery and cost/time advantages.


For any of your Billing related assistance contact us at info@superseva.com | +91 9590 901 901

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