SuperSevaprovides Concierge service related to Fresh Passport work to its corporate customers as well as individuals, so that they can manage their time effectively and maximize their abilities and their productivity. By our services one will be more flexible to focus on his/her disposal to prioritize his other tasks.

Here comes SuperSeva, being an industry leader in concierge services provides excellent benefits to its customers by taking requests regarding all works related to Passport,which can helps them to maintain the delicate balance between their professional and personal life. So the individual need not have to run pillar to post to get the Passport works done and can enjoy the services provided by SuperSeva. SuperSeva has become a one stop solution .

Here are the details of Fresh Passport-


What are the required documents need to submit for fresh passport?

First you need to provide your age proof documents and rest are as given below-

  • Age Proof (Voter ID, PAN Card, 10th Mark Sheet, Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate)
  • Supporting Documents (Driving License, Ration Card, Company HR letter)
  • Address Proof (Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Water Bill)
  • Employee Statements (One Year Bank Statement, Bank Manager Letter)
  • It is mandatory to submit Birth Certificate in cases of those who are born on or after 26.01.1989.
  • Those who are having rental agreement, they need to submit land lord’s approval letter along with agreement documents.

All this documents should be in applicant’s name.

How long it will take to process for a fresh passport?

After submission of all needed documents, SuperSeva will process for verification and it will take Five days to proceed and after filling all the documents we will forward this to Passport Office for further progression, and Passport Office will takes maximum of one month to process.

Will SuperSeva fills all the documents behalf of the applicant?

Yes, SuperSeva only required all mandatory documents and we will put forward this to Passport Office after filling the application.

Who would be the concern person to contact with at SuperSeva?

Applicants can contact us at, or can reach us through e-mail

What are the required documents need to submit for a married woman?

In case of married woman she needs to submit her marriage certificate and husband’s Passport copy and marriage affidavit (Annexure D).

What would be the process for an illiterate person to apply for fresh passport?

For an uneducated person SuperSeva makes affidavit (Annexure A).

What is the document requires for those who have changed the location in same town?

The applicant needs to provide a complete one year that is 12 months residential proof or rental bills. For example- If a person stayed 9 months in a particular location in Bangalore and now he/she has changed to another location in the same town for last five months, then the person has to provide both location address proof for a total of 12 months. That can be calculated as 9 months of earlier address proof and 3 months of new residential proof .

Do applicants need to submit any original documents to SuperSeva?

Applicants can submit the Xerox copies of documents to SuperSeva and have to apply for ‘Fresh or New Passport’ through Superseva service. SuperSeva will fill up the application and will do all the formalities which are required.

SuperSeva also provides Minor Passport submission through Concierge service to its corporate customers as well as individuals and the details are given below-

What are the required documents need to submit for Minor passport?

To apply Minor Passport, the required documents are as followed-

  • Applicants Birth Certificate
  • Parents address proof
  • Both parents Passport copies
  • Any one of the parent or spouse name must be intern (Annexure H)
  • If parents are not holding Passport, then applicant needs a concern letter from parents with both parents signature.

Does one moth babies require a separate passport or his/her name can be endorsed in one of the parent’s passport?

Endorsement of child’s name in parent’s passports is not allowed anymore. As per the amended law, a minor should have a separate passport. Baby’s birth certificate is required and the passport validity will be for next Five years. And after completing of five years his/her passport has to apply for renewal.

Is it necessary that both parents should have passport before applying for their child’s passport?


What would be the validity of minor’s passport?

Minors between 15 to 18 years of age can apply for a 10-year validity passport. And Minors between 1 to 15 years of age can apply for 5 year validity passport.

Is it necessary that either parent or legal guardian should give their consent while applying for minor’s passport?

Yes. It is necessary and the Following documents have to be submitted in the given cases-

SL.No. Case Documents to be submitted
1. Passport application of a minor with consent of both parents Annexure “H”
2. Applied by Legal Guardian Annexure “H”
3. Minors with single parent (One parent deceased) Annexure “H”
4. Applied by one parent/guardian when consent of one or both parents is not possible Annexure “G”
5. Parents are separated but not divorced Annexure “C”
6. Single parent of the child born out of wedlock Annexure “C”


Are signatures of both parents mandatory on Annexure H to be submitted along with the application? What if one of the spouses is refusing to sign the form?

Yes, the signature of both the parents is mandatory on Annexure H to be submitted along with the application as it signifies that both parents are giving consent for the issuance of passport to the child. If either of the parents is not giving consent, then the parent applying for the minor’s passport needs to submit Annexure G, Which is Applied by one parent/guardian when consent of one or both parents is not possible.

How do I avail SuperSeva services to obtain Fresh/Minor Passport?

Applicant can directly reach to SuperSeva through e-mail ( or he/she can contact at 41109288 for any information or they can log on to

SuperSeva is an industry leader in concierge services handling about 30,000 client requests per month. SuperSeva currently operates in 18 cities across the country. To know more about this, contact us on our Toll free number 1800 102 9192 or mail us at

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