SuperSeva Asset Management Services are a comprehensive mix of technology and human intervention. Our Service includes state of art devices and tools in the hands of well trained personnel to capture the right and reliable data.

Effective supervision of IT assets and licenses, as well as the associated contracts and vendors, ensures maximum benefit from IT investments at nominal cost.

At SuperSeva, we use latest technologies and tools to capture and report data:

  • Asset Tracking Software: can capture the details of all existing assets, supports report creation and reviews.
  • Mobile handheld – devices allow you to capture data from the nook and corners of warehouse store or in the in sit u.
  • Bar code/RF-ID – for unique tagging and identification purposes.

Basically SuperSeva Asset Management Services are engaged for:

  • Financial Asset Management and Asset Audit Support.
  • Deploy asset management software, train and support adoption.

Outsource this critical function of Asset Management to SuperSeva Experts to avail benefits in terms of:

  • Productivity – Collect data faster in greater detail.
  • Accuracy – Eliminate human error.
  • Compliance – Reporting flexibility with more accurate records.
  • Accountability – Enforces personal responsibility and accountability for company property.

Our promising markets capabilities are of growing interest to our clients. Contact us on 080-49051666 / +91-9686452450 to inquire more about our services. Drop us a mail at / .

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