Have you ever said to yourself “I just wish I had someone else to take care of this for me !!”

SuperSeva is your to-do list assistant .

How it works?

Our team of concierge experts can assist you and your employees to get things done and can save your valuable productive time .

Employees can avail our service no matter where you are – at work, at home or on the road. They need not spend their lunch hour, evenings or weekends waiting on hold, scouring the internet or taking care of their to-do list. Our concierge can assist them in this regard.

Our programs can be tailored for each individual client, allowing them to choose business hours, selected tasks and other criteria to assure that your needs are met.We perform the service either through our backend team, or through our reliable partners with excellent reputation and expertise in specific field. We’ll be happy to assist you about your daily challenges, and work with you to find the best solution.

How to use ?

One Time Registration : We will provide you login credentials to help you access and keep updated with all your service requests that our concierge is working on for you.To speak with our concierge , please contact our call center on +91-9590901901 or drop an email to info@superseva.com . Once connected, we’ll start working for you immediately.

What are the services that can be assisted?

SuperSeva’s Services are ideal for professionals. From making travel arrangements for company employees, to RTO and other Government works, SuperSeva caters to all personal needs of an employee, and is exceptional in providing the best hotel deals, holiday packages etc.

THE SERVICE LIST OF OPTIONS IS UNBOUNDED. As long as the request is legal & ethical we will make it happen.

Once you ascertain how our Premium Concierge can support your needs, choose your favorite way to communicate with us to place your request; we’ll get right to work!!

For any query – Call us at +91-9590901901 / +91-9945239351
Email us at info@superseva.com / Kumud@superseva.com

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