An employee walks into his cubicle and finds his waste paper bin overflowing  …….For him, no doubt, the day would start with a bad note. He will have to call the admin department and escalate the problem. Now, for the admin the challenge would be to get  backup staff to get the work done. Also, on the other hand the Employee instead of working on his presentation for an impending client visit waits impatiently to get a clean cubicle. This is a very common situation in most of the Corporates.

The Admin department often has to run pillar to post to provide a clean and hygienic environment to its employees.  A clean workplace enhances the employees’ esteem and improves the work culture. Also in situations like a Client visit, a speech by the CEO, Annual day celebrations when the Admin department tries to make  an extra effort to keep all in order, the staff would invariably take  leave. Then it becomes a challenge to get everything in place in such time pressed situations.

You can count on SuperSeva to take care of all your needs by providing you an extra set of hands

Housekeeping is one of the core services which SuperSeva facility management team provides to its clients.

Housekeeping services provided are as follows:

·Windows and doors cleaning

·Skirting boards cleaning

·Workplaces and computers cleaning

·Clean & polish bathrooms/toilets

·Wash the tiles and basins in the bathroom

·Hoover and mop floors and stairs

·Make sure property is dust free

·Sofa set cleaning

·Carpet cleaning

·Mattress, Blankets, Pillow & Curtain cleaning and so on.

We are there when you need us. Let SuperSeva make your office a great place to work.

To know more about SuperSeva facility management services, please call on our Toll free no 1800 102 9192 or you can email us at for any inquiry.

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