Dear Friends,
Greetings to all, Time has slipped pretty quickly for all of us and another financial quarter has passed. It is a proud moment for me to address our SuperSeva family and talk about our achievements and accomplishments during the period. Q1’FY2017 was a vivid time for all of us, and it is a great pleasure for me to brighten up our achievements during this period of time.

Financial Performance:
When we are almost finishing our 17 years into the industry we also managed to crate our self a beautiful route toward success. Our ethical belief and work uprights became one of the strongest reason for our continuous growth our multiple Business verticals. During last quarter we successfully managed to achieve a remarkable figure into our charts. We achieved a noticeable revenue growth of 9.69%. While in contrast with previous year i.e. we accomplished a truly commendable growth of 77.91% compared to Q1 of previous year..

We not only grew in terms of revenue, we also had a terrific expansion into the industry and yet again we proved that we are a fair ascendant into our business domains. During Q1’FY2017 We were able to spread our alliance with multiple large enterprises by serving their Facilities management requirements to Hotel Hyatt, VIBGYOR High, Bundl Technologies Private Limited ( Swiggy), and Maroon Fox Ventures, amplifying our Facilities management services into 10+ clients location compared to last year Q1’FY2016. We also successfully set up our concierge desks at major industry giants like Kronos Inc & Godrej.

Business Growth:
Q1’FY2017 was quite fortunate for us in term of success and business growth. One of the major instance to support our triumph is we managed to support a tremendous wall-to-wall inventory requirement of IBM for Major Telecom and Banking Industries with our Asset Management Solutions. We are also beginning to step one level up onto our Contract Staffing Domain and unfold IT Staffing out of our sleeves.

Along with all these great fruition, we finished a wonderful quarter with joyful excitement and greater motivation for our upcoming challenges. With this quarter I am very much delighted to announce that SuperSeva completed its 17 Years of a successful journey. I would also like to thank everyone who stood with us, entrusting us during this whole time. With this, I would like to take leave and Thank you for giving us the privilege of being allied with you and I hope that we will have similar opportunities in future.

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Kumud Sharma


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