Booking tickets during festivals?? The tough job isn’t it?

All Festivals are lined up for this year and everybody has already started planning how to celebrate these with their loved ones!! For which you must have also planned something. Celebrating festival with your family and friends gives an acute happiness. And these celebrations require your presence, for which you come up with wonderful plans and ideas regarding how to celebrate it in a better way!!!But have you planned your travels??

Majority of working population in India is staying away from their families. Planning a perfect festival celebration for this section of people adds up another set of planning – That is, planning the travel to their Native homes. But this set of planning becomes tough when it comes to booking tickets during festivals. It is sometimes impossible to book a ticket during this period due to your busy schedule and work life. Instead of fretting and sweating after ticket books and running unnecessary errands you must sit back and want someone to take care of all the hassles.

This is why SuperSeva came up with Ticketing Concierge facilities, making all the hassles of booking tickets during festivals a piece of cake. Instead of sprinting around booking counters and refreshing your tabs for ticketing websites, one can simply visit our corporate concierge desk at their company itself.

We at SuperSeva are the pioneer of concierge services where we can assist you with all kind of ticket bookings. Not only Travel tickets, but we also make sure you do not miss fractions of your entertainments. A dedicated Ticketing Concierge Team will assist you in getting any kind of ticket bookings such as Train, Flight, Movies, Music, Theatre, Sports, Events and much more.

Why should one avail this service from SuperSeva?

  • Instant booking and online payment system available, Trouble free transaction
  • Getting all the details of tickets availability at a time
  • Obtain movie tickets at one’s doorstep or over the email
  • Receiving updates of box Office buzz on upcoming releases.
  • Latest events’ tickets on discounted price.

So whatever your plan is, you can directly reach us at our concierge desk placed at their offices or can contact over the phone or email us. Within a minute we will get back to you.

If excellence and relaxation is what you look out for; Contact our Call center number at +91 9590 901 901 or drop a mail to .We will be happy to assist you. Or visit our Social Media regular updates about our services: Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter

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