We help the customers of the “Client” - The School Safety and Dismissal Platform, and make dismissal & safety a stellar experience

  • The Client parent app and staff dashboard transform how quickly school’s dismissal process happens, eliminates unnecessary wasted time, and makes sure students get home safely.
  • Its browser-based solution is ready to go without the need to purchase, install, or support additional hardware!
  • When transportation plans change, Client empowers parents to schedule and make updates from their app. No more office calls or notes to the classroom – just real-time updates without the middleman.

Snapshot of Project

Team Size Up to 30 Nos
Mode of Support Chat/ Email
Tools usedFreshdesk

Challenges Faced by the Client

  • Manage cost of the customer support
  • Increase the no of resources based on peak season
  • Native speaking staff for dedicated support specific linguistic customers
  • Quick onboarding and training of new customer support staff

Scope of the Project

  • Respond to customer queries in a timely and accurate way, via Freshdesk email or chat or phone calls
  • Identify customer needs and help customers use specific features
  • Proactively mitigate customer queries once connected with them via email or phone calls
  • Update the leadership on new trends of tickets, issues or challenges
  • Be the ambassador of the new tool and Inform customers about new features and functionalities
  • Follow up with customers to ensure their technical issues are resolved
  • Gather customer feedback and improve App store ratings, share with our Product, Sales and Marketing teams
  • Analyze and report product malfunctions (for example, by testing different scenarios or impersonating users)
  • Update our internal databases with information about technical issues and useful discussions with customers
  • Monitor customer complaints on social media and reach out to provide assistance
  • Share feature requests and effective workarounds with team members
  • Creating accounts of the customer(schools) once the sales are complete
  • Training any app support associate hired from Client’s end or from our end
  • Maintaining the time table of the schools(customer)
  • Uploading the data on the customer’s(school) account.

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