SuperSeva forged yet another strong tie-up with Logica, an IT Giant. We have deployed two concierge help-desks, on their Bangalore location to cater various services to the employees. Among others, it will provide assistance for Passport related service, Payment of Utility bills, Holiday planning, Ticketing- Bus, Rail and Air. Today, when time is premium, attending to these tasks might be at the cost of a weekend or a day’s leave. SuperSeva concierge help-desk saves time, effort and money, leaving one with more time on hand to be spent with family and friends.
SuperSeva organized the launch with fun games at the location. Logica employees tried their hands at Mini Golf, Wheel of Fortune, and Balloon shoot. All the games were well attended and cheered. Over 250 employees participated, of which 50 won prizes in the games. Everyone appreciated the break from daily routine. Below are some snaps of the event

Balloon Shoot

Mini Golf

Wheel of Fortune

A Welcome Break

Balloon Shoot-2

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