Art brings one closer to home. And Art is known to transcend boundaries beautifully. In the same spirit, SuperSeva invites everyone to experience art through Mahotsavam 2012- A mélange of colorful dance shows, music and comedy skit by Malayalam actors. The show will be put together by various artists across the Malayalam art fraternity including Jayram, Sidhique, Lal, Kalpana who command huge respect across the country.

The event will be held in National Games Village, Koramanagla, Bangalore on 1st April, Sunday. Ticket prices start from 2,500 INR, which admits 4 people in the platinum band. The next up is VIP band which admits 4 for 5,000 INR. Highest is VVIP band which admits 4 for 10,000 INR. Tickets can be booked through SuperSeva here:


Let us spend an evening close to culture. The world can wait!

This offer is available through SuperSeva concierge services which has now diversified into providing various other professional and personal assistance services to corporate and its employees. You can read the list of concierge services offered by SuperSeva here.

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