As an HR head of an organization, the biggest challenge is not to recruit the right people but to retain them.  “How to show you appreciate” has always been more bothersome than  getting the best brains in the industry to work for you. Training and engaging employees productively to achieve the organizational goals is always a huge task for the HR Manager. Many a times the budget constraints also restrict the HR from designing an effective retainer program for the employees. Since for a CXO, these are not the area of their core competency hence they too struggle to devise effective strategies to design and implement such programs to motivate the employees and keep their morale high to perform better.

Pain Areas for implementing R&R program

To broadly classify, the main pain areas could be:

  1. Budget Constraints
  2. All employees may not be perceived at par eg. a marketing personnel may be more important for a CXO as he is directly affecting the sales whereas an admin personnel may not be perceived that important hence need of an R&R program for them doesn’t find any importance.
  3. R&R is a non-core activity hence attracts lesser attention of CXO
  4. CXO unaware of various options available for R&R eg. “a day out with CXO” could also be a rewarding experience for an employee and this may not have probably occurred to the CXO as they might feel an R&R is about spending money.
  5. Lack of proper performance assessment program hence devising an R&R would be difficult

The SuperSeva Advantage

To excite and motivate employees to perform and improve is an important aspect of Human Resource Management. SuperSeva follows the SMART principle for R&R which is:

  1. Sincere. Above all else, a good reward should reflect a genuine expression of appreciation. Token acknowledgements leave something to be desired.
  2. Meaningful. To endure a motivating influence, rewards should be aligned with the values, goals, and priorities that matter the most.
  3. Adaptable. The diverse workplace demands alternatives. Consider creative options to keep your program fresh. Recognition should be adapted and valuable to the receiver.
  4. Relevant. Some personal dimension is essential to a good reward. No matter how formal or informal, expensive or affordable, the relevance of any recognition will be improved with a personal touch – – it’s a little thing that makes a big difference. Recognition should be provided by someone of significance to the receiver.
  5. Timely. It is important that rewards respond to the behavior they are intending to reinforce. Don’t let too much time pass or the reward may be devalued and credibility eroded.

KUDOS as we call the SuperSeva’s Reward and Recognition program follows a 4 pronged approach for implementing an effective R&R program – Analyze, Develop, Implement Pilot and Finetune the program.

  1. Analyze the scenario
    1. Collect information on the existing programs  & process
    2. Analyze information & develop benchmarks
    3. Prepare proposal & form working group
  2. Develop the strategy
    1. Determine the relevant Reward segments
    2. Review the degree of alignment of the reward offers & advantages
    3. Define areas of improvement & implementation strategies
    4. Design frontend web-interface, branding, backend fulfillment TATs
    5. Prioritize activities
  3. Implement Pilot:
    1. Establish pilot parameters
    2. Finalize budget
    3. Establish operational requirements
    4. Test tools
    5. Prepare pilot site
    6. Implement pilot
    7. Supervise & monitor
    8. Adjust strategy
    9. Define conclusions
  4. Fine-tune the program to suit specific requirements
    1. Launch with a teaser campaign followed by promos.
    2. Database collection for time-bound awards (Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.)
    3. Refurbish the catalogue
    4. Regular updation and maintenance.

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