Work-life balance, Customer Satisfaction, Value for Money-all these have become synonymous to SuperSeva Services. Our endeavor to constantly innovate to impart excellence in service delivery has helped us forge ahead of our competition and set higher standards for all to follow, time and again.

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SuperDeal is another feather in our cap, exclusively meant for SuperSeva Customers. SuperDeal from SuperSeva is committed to bringing the best deals and coupons to our customers. Initially launched for Bangalore location in mid June and now extended to Mumbai , SuperDeal booklet has deals of Rs.5000+ in savings from major brands.

Some of the on going deals in Bangalore are:

  1. Barista – Buy 1 get 1 beverage free
  2. Domino’s Pizza -15% Off on total bill
  3. Mahindra First – Choice :Complimentary
      1. Car wash and polish
      2. Car health check including A/C checkup,
      3. Oil checkup, Coolant checkup, etc.
      4. Assistance on value added accessories
      5. Free car evaluation

Some of the on going deals in Mumbai are:

  1. Domino’s Pizza : 15% Off on total bill
  2. Carnation : Absolutely free 25 point Health check-up of Car,
      1. AC Checkup
      2. Top up of Oil & Coolant if req.
      3. Electrical and General Checkup of the car
      4. Assistance for concerns on car
      5. Car wash coupon
      6. Wax polish

This is just a teaser. If you want to take a look at our huge catalogue of deals and coupons and get the best value for money, buy the latest Super Deal Booklet. Just visit SuperSeva desk .

Exclusive for SuperSeva Customers, you can book a copy at SuperSeva desk or call 9845800699!!

Save Rs.5000 NOW,  You Know HOW ?  With SuperSeva’s SuperDeal !!!

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