Time and again SuperSeva has devised interesting, engaging, motivating, need based Employee Engagement Programs to boost the employee interest levels in the work environment. Starting from creating an interesting concept for the program based on the client requirement to finding the right partner to attain the desired goal, SuperSeva tirelessly and meticulously drafts a wholesome event for all members to participate.

A similar program was conducted at client premises in Mumbai and Bangalore at the occasion of Independence Day today from 12.30-3pm in Mumbai and 3-5pm in Bangalore.

The special feature at the Mumbai  was the khadi & pottery stall.

The special feature at Bangalore was the Quiz and the painting competition

The participants had a gala time at both the locations.

SuperSeva helps their clients create customized employee engagement programs for keeping their performance high as employee well-being can play a key role in establishing a competitive advantage for organizations.

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