Being healthy is in vogue! Companies are fast adopting measures such as ‘Fruit Friday’, ‘No Lift Day’ to promote health awareness among employees. This not only helps them cut costs on healthcare but also increase work productivity. In sync with our client’s goal to encourage a healthy work environment, SuperSeva organized ‘Health and Wellness Camp’ at several corporate locations. The camps were organized as a part of our employee engagement activity.

At the camp, expert doctors educated employees on different health issues one can encounter while at work and tips on prevention by making quick fixes in their lifestyle. The camp was attended by around 100 employees and lasted around one and a half hours.

SuperSeva salutes good health and wellbeing because only a healthy body and mind can achieve what it intends to. Corporate locations where Health and Wellness camp was held are below:
• Intelligroup, Hyderabad
• HCL Vertex, Bangalore
Below are some interesting pictures of the camp

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