Dear Friends:

I am immensely pleased to see traction build in all new initiatives undertaken in 2011. The following milestones were achieved by SuperSeva:

  1. Its a matter of great pride that our clientele has increased by 57% from the year 2010 (April-Aug). We express our gratitude towards their patronage. This constantly motivates us to perform better than before.
  2. Based on the response received to our service, we have been constantly upgrading and expanding our facilities. 12 more locations have been added to our kitty of service locales for wider reach and ease of access to our clients. Follow the link to view the extended locations
  3. As a part of Online Integration we have taken couple of innovative measures such as Single Sign on with one of the leading IT companies that has enabled us to integrate around 1 lakh employees. SuperSeva has been able to change the dynamics of the industry. This is the first time in the history of concierge industry. The result had been a game changer such as:
  1. 46% of the service requests has been online.
  2. The system is now easily accessible (No need for separate user id )
  3. Employees are finding it convenient and easy to use the online channel.
  4. Due to its ease of use acceptability and usability of the desk increased thereby helping the employees manage their productive time efficiently.

The sizzling festive weeks are ahead. May the season be good to you and your families.

Kumud Sharma


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