Kumud Sharma-CEO-SuperSeva Services
Kumud Sharma---CEO SuperSeva Services

Dear Friends:

At SuperSeva Services, our goal was to create a different kind of Facility Management Service, one that builds unique solutions to greatly impact a client’s competitive position by helping their employees balance the demands of jobs with the needs of families and home thereby being more productive at work. Our inclination towards technology has been one of the prime reasons in conceptualizing, planning and implementing technology enabled concierge service. By understanding and embracing the customer’s concerns, vision and goals, we have been able to create lasting relationships, yielding excellent results. SuperSeva has not only grown many folds but also has become one of the largest personal and corporate assistance program management companies.

Some of the new services launched by SuperSeva Services are:

  1. Concierge Service @ your doorstep  for Apartments
  2. Mail Room Management
  3. Travel Desk
  4. Stamp Paper and Franking Fulfillment
  5. Employee Health Care Management
  6. Security Help Desk
  7. Logistics Management

Our Premium Service Vertical, which started off from Bangalore and Kolkata has become a PAN India player this year.

The new features added to the existing services are:

  1. Instant SMS acknowledgment
  2. Mobile Integration

The growth rate of the number of desks has been phenomenal going up to nearly 200%.

I look forward to an exciting and challenging 2011 and as always, SuperSeva Services will be committed to being an advocate for excellence, aspiring to be a World Class Facility Management Services Provider and we know we will succeed.

Kumud Sharma


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